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  • Carbon Fibre Super Light Folding Gangway (Passerelle)  42.665.00
    Super light and super strong gangway, weight 6.5kg with a safety capacity of 150kg.   This carbon fibre folding gangway is 2.2 metres in length. 35cm wide with an antiskid walking surface. Made from carbon fibre previously impregnated with epoxy resins. High resistance aluminium hin..
    Ex Tax: £2,041.66
  • Davit/Crane – 125kg Swivelling - Pair
    Made by Osculati, stainless steel construction. The Davits are made with polished Marine Grade Stainless Steel combined with quality fittings, rivalling any product on the market in build quality, combined with competitive pricing. Please note the Davits will carry a maximum load of 125KG as a..
    Ex Tax: £266.67
  • Foldable and Swivelling Davit
    Made of aluminium by Osculati, the Folding Davits are designed to lower an outboard motor on to the tender. The system enables easy mounting and dismounting. Davit incorporates a slip-off system from the brackets. Coated with epoxy white resin and fitted with hoist and stainless steel blocks as w..
    Ex Tax: £320.83
  • Foldable Gangway/Passerelle
    Foldable Gangway/Passerelle Aluminium 2metres. Made by Osculati, with anodized Aluminium antiskid grating, a stylish, low weight gangway solution. Manufactured with anodized aluminium, the gangway is fitted with grating coated with white antiskid material. The gangway comes complete with rubbe..
    Ex Tax: £358.33
  • Foldable Gangway/Passerelle 2.2 metres
    Made by Osculati, with mirror polished stainless steel and Iroko grating. The frame is made in tube for extra strength, combined with lightness. Fitted with precision cast AISI 316 stainless steel hinges and head pin complete with socket, along with rubber wheels on the moving end. The Folding..
    Ex Tax: £395.83
  • Gangway Socket
    Made by Osculati, stainless steel construction with nylon fittings. A useful additional socket to enable Osculati gangways to be multi positioned. Made of AISI 316 stainless steel, fitted with lower water drain and cap. ..
    Ex Tax: £16.66