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We are pleased to offer the Michigan Marine Propulsion International - Ballistic and Apollo range of stainless steel outboard propellers.

A stainless steel propeller is the most cost-effective way to get better handling, acceleration and top speed out of your boat. We have the most popular propellers in these ranges listed, if you require a different version please contact us with the details.

Over the last 100 years MMPi have successfully worked with many of the world's leading shipyards and military agencies and been involved with many high profile recreational applications. MMPi have been around a long time, are exceptionally knowledgeable and have acquired unrivalled expertise in their field.

As the only major propeller manufacturer in the world who builds both inboard and outboard propellers- MMPi are truly proud of the diversity of products and services offered. From 8¨ diameter aluminium propellers for small HP outboard engines up to 3 metre bronze propellers for Ocean going vessels and high speed Stainless Steel propellers for racing boats, MMPi really do have a propeller for every application.

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