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Water Heaters 60 Litre

Water Heaters 60 Litre

Product Code: Compact Inox 60Litre
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Sigmar Twin Coil Water Heaters.

The Sigmar Twin Coil Water Heater produced by Quick Nautical Equipment in Italy is available in Two capacity versions of 40 or 60 litre.

Twin coil water heater set up gives an advantage of not only the electrical immersion element to produce hot water but also the facility to utilise to produce hot water with two other systems such as the engine and generator set operation.

This provides a simple and efficient means of heating water for your domestic system, for use with showers, taps and the galley. Sigmar water heaters have an inlet for cold water, then use a link from the engines and generator closed cooling circuit to heat the inner coil and therefore the water.

The Sigmar water heaters are also supplied with an immersion heater with a built-in thermostat, meaning they can provide you with hot water while mooring.

The water heaters quickly heat the water as the coil technology ensures quick transfer of heat from the coil to the water. The outside of the water heater is insulated in a polyurethane jacket designed to retain heat. Each water heater is rigorously tested to ensure excellent quality and reliability.

Water stored in the boat's water heater reaches the same temperature as the engine. When hot water is needed, the water heater uses a thermostatic mixing valve to combine this water with cold water to give the required water temperature.

60 litre General technical features:


• 60Lt. capacity. Dimensions W 366mm x L 875mm x H 358mm

• Heat exchangers in stainless steel AISI 316

• Contact thermostat to regulate external heater

• Sturdy plastic casing with integrated brackets

• Tank in stainless steel AISI 316

• Thermal insulation in polyurethane foam

• 1200W 220V or 110V Incoloy® electric heating element

• Regulating thermostat with double safety

• Safety and non return valve (6 bar ± 1)

• Engine and water fittings 1/2” gas

• Universal mounting (vertical and horizontal) 

60 litre Unit comes with a 1200w element in either 110 or 220 volt