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Water Makers

HP High Pressure SRL Introduction.

HP HIGH PRESSURE SRL started in 1995, manufacture watermakers from a 2500 sqm production facility in Milan. HP offer a wide range of manual semi-automatic and fully automatic reverse osmosis watermakers, from 35 up to 3000lt/h.

All units are available with DC 12/24V tension supply or AC in all the standard voltages.

HP is a ISO 9001 certified (EQA – UKAS) company and designs by 3D Autodesk Inventor. Quality drives everything they do, with each of the watermakers produced fully tested before delivery. Backed by world wide support.

In its years of activity HP have excelled in the small medium size reverse osmosis watermaker's technology development, introducing new and very important effective automation-systems and advance technical solutions, that can make the machines fully automated, therefore simpler to use.

Options across the HP Watermaker range include;

Membranes automatic washing system (VAL), this is a hydraulic valve that automatically exchanges the water inlet from the sea water side to the fresh water one, in order to change from the desalination system to the membrane washing system and vice versa.

Automatic pressure regulation system (RP TRONIC), comprises of a motorized needle valve, that avoids to operate the regulator by hands at every watermaker' start, it automatically regulates the system working pressure at a precise set value, with any kind of salinity and temperature of the sea water.

Membrane automatic conservation system (AMCS), doses a quantity of biocide liquid in the osmosis membranes during their flushing at every machine stop, avoiding the bacteria proliferation at the end of every desalination cycle. The AMCS can also be used for the winter conservation of the osmotic modules just increasing the dosing percentage of the quantity of biocide on the dosing pump.

Thermal energy recovery system of the electrics motors (TERS), cools the electric motors with the sea water feeding the system, while pre-heats the seawater incoming on the membrane, rendering the membranes more productive at the same salinity and pressure level.

We believe HP watermakers are equipped with the best electronics available on the market. With the RP TRONIC system the watermaker is able to communicate with all the monitoring systems on board by adopting a MODBUS protocol, programmed in the HP LOGIC. This ensures that the watermaker is integrated to the computerized management systems of the boats.

All the HP watermakers are covered by a 3 years warranty on the functioning and on the corrosion for each single item assembled in the machine. The warranty is valid at our retailers and technical assistance office network around the world.